June 2017

May 2017

3 avian flu questions all poultry producers are asking

WATT Global Media hosted an expert panel to discuss the present and future challenges highly pathogenic avian influenza brings to the poultry industry.   http://www.wattagnet.com/articles/30743-avian-flu-questions-all-poultry-producers-are-asking?v=preview

Sanderson: Veterinarians would leave if antibiotics cut

Sanderson Farms CEO Joe F. Sanderson Jr. reiterated that the company has no intention of moving into the antibiotic-free chicken market.   http://ea.ecn5.com/Clicks/THhTUFM0VGpDeFEzWjU5ZWdLTEIrR3dwWnRBL1M4N01aVE1lNFpSTHVMcjRMMVRaU0J0bU1PNXJ5WFl2bHEwdm9rOS95YWcvTjNLU05LUEx5UndVaEE9PQ%3d%3d

Domino’s: We love and trust farmers

Pizza chain executive says farmers know more about raising animals humanely than restaurant chains do http://www.wattagnet.com/articles/30735-dominos-we-love-and-trust-farmers?v=preview

Did you know?

Did you know that erosion is one of a poultry house foundation’s biggest enemies? Many poultry farmers use herbicide to kill the vegetation around poultry house foundations -- in doing so, they remove all vegetation

The Importance of Grounding

Agribusiness Risk Underwriters measures the effectiveness of the grounding mechanisms at the poultry house main breaker panels.  A very effective grounding mechanism will measure with a very low ground resistance -- conversely, a less effective