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  • If you have any questions concerning the coverage afforded by your policy, please contact your ARU broker.


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Please visit our Notice of Privacy Policy for how we collect, store, protect, and use your personal information.


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  • We guard your private information as our own.
  • This Notice describes how we keep, gather, use, and share policyholder nonpublic information related to an identified individual, which is sometimes called personally identifiable information.
  • This information does not include anonymized data or de-identified data, which do not identify an individual.


  • We do not sell or give away policyholder information.
  • We prohibit those who are doing business on our behalf to use our policyholder information for their own marketing purposes.
  • We require any person or entity providing products or services on our behalf to protect policyholder information.
  • We do not share policyholder medical claim information unless:
    • You expressly permit it; or
    • It is permitted or required by law; or
    • Your insurance policy contract with us authorizes us to do so.


  • We uphold physical, electronic, and technical precautions to protect policyholder information and to obey with federal and state laws.
  • We retain policyholder information for legal, auditing, regulatory, and business purposes.


We collect policyholder information in different ways. For example, we gather information from:

  • Applications and other forms related to our products and through conversations with you and your broker;
  • Use of our mobile sites and applications, our social media sites and applications, and interactions with our online advertisements;
  • Transactions or experiences with us, such as payments, underwriting, and claims; and
  • Within our companies, including consumer reporting agencies that provide us with information such as driving records, claim histories, and credit information.


We use policyholder information, sometimes including consumer report information, to do things such as:

  • Check your identity and service your policies and accounts;
  • Improve your policyholder understanding and improve our policies and claims services;
  • Shield against fraud and illegal transactions;
  • Evaluate and price your policies and accounts;
  • Process claims;
  • Provide appropriate billing;
  • Sell you other insurance and useful products related to managing your risks;
  • Advance new insurance products and services;
  • Accomplish actions as required or permitted by law.


We share policyholder information, including payment and claim information within our companies and with your broker to deliver your insurance and claims services.

We share policyholder information inside or outside our companies:

  • For our usual and customary business purposes;
  • For governmental public policy purposes;
  • For purposes permitted or required by law;
  • As needed, to handle your claim;
  • With consumer reporting agencies, for example, during the underwriting process;
  • About a sale, merger, transfer, or exchange of all or a portion of our business or operating unit;
  • With companies that perform marketing or other services for us;
  • As needed, to protect against fraud and illegal transactions; and
  • About the investigation, establishment, and defense of legal rights
  • We share policyholder information within our companies, so we do not have to ask you for the same information again.


If you prefer to limit sharing information such as your driving record, claim history with other companies, and credit information, call your broker. However:

  • This option does not limit us from sharing certain policyholder information about your transactions or experiences with us for our everyday business purposes or for public policy purposes
  • This option does not limit us from sharing policyholder information in the event of a transfer, between our companies, of all or a portion of a line of business
  • If you are an existing policyholder and have already instructed us about your policyholder information sharing preference, you may change your preference.


  • Our website and mobile applications use common tracking technologies like browser cookies, analytical tools, device identification code, or other legal data capture.
  • We do not support do not track signals or other, comparable mechanisms.
  • We collect certain technical data about the device you use to access our site or services, such as user, agent, timestamp, hardware type, language and time zone settings, IP address, OS type and version, and installed fonts to help us communicate with you better.
  • Our notice does not apply to the privacy practices of any other website.
  • Our mobile and social media applications will contain a statement describing what information is collected from your use of that application.
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