Chickens perish in poultry house fire

MILLINGTON — A Millington farmer lost an entire flock of chickens in a two-alarm fire Friday night, Jan. 11. Clyde Ellingsworth discovered the fire in his chicken house on his farm at 218 Legion Road, about 10:28 p.m., according the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office. The first firefighters responding found the 42 foot by 550

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Biosecurity Basics for Poultry Growers

Biosecurity refers to procedures used to prevent the introduction and spread of disease-causing organisms in poultry flocks. Because of the concentration in size and location of poultry flocks in current commercial production operations and the inherent disease risks associated with this type of production, it is imperative that poultry producers practice daily biosecurity measures. Developing

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Avian flu biosecurity plan is key to rapid response

No poultry farm is immune to an avian influenza outbreak, therefore, having a plan to deal with such a situation is crucial, explained Dr. Charles Hatcher, state veterinarian with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture at the 2017 Live Production and Welfare Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee. Read the entire report about avian influenza and biosecurity exclusively in the December issue of WATT PoultryUSA. “You

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Fire at Wayne Farms Enterprise forces evacuation at plant

About 400 people at Wayne Farms Enterprise plant on County Road 114 were evacuated to safety Friday morning when a fire broke out in the plant’s electrical room. No injuries were reported from the fire. According to a news release, the plant was evacuated at about 6:30 a.m. when smoke was discovered coming from the

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Thousands of chickens perish in Iredell farm fire

When firefighters arrived Tuesday morning to an eastern Iredell farm, they found a large chicken house engulfed in flames. By then, it was already too late for the estimated 11,000 chickens inside. “When we arrived it was fully involved and we started attacking it, but there wasn’t much we could do,” said David Johnson with

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Poultry farm suffers heavy damage during storm   ABINGDON, Va. – Days after strong winds and heavy rainfall whipped through the region, cleanup efforts continued across Washington County, including at Green Valley Poultry Farm. The 50-year-old farm on Wyndale Road suffered damage and a lot of broken eggs during the storm, which knocked out power to thousands and downed trees across

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