ARU is run by poultry insurance veterans. We have been in the business long enough to see many companies try and fail (miserably) in the poultry farm insurance segment. This constant churning of carriers entering and exiting the market presents a terrible situation for brokers and policyholders. ARU offers a consistent, sustainable solution to this age-old problem. With our poultry-centric proprietary underwriting and loss control methodologies, we help the poultry farmers identify risk exposures and minimize exposure to losses, we help brokers by providing a stable market, and we help our American partner insurance carriers by producing a profitable book of business.

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These are vital distinctions from our competitors in the national poultry space, who frequently burn through insurance carriers and are forced to resort to offering policies backed by overseas risk syndicates. ARU is the right choice for brokers seeking a superior and stable long term solution for poultry accounts.