At Agribusiness Risk underwriters, our core mission is to reduce losses to poultry confinement operations

Our value proposition for POLICYHOLDERS is quite unique:

ARU will provide you protection you cannot get anywhere else, (for any amount of money) — and we will do it for a cost comparable or lower than our competitors who offer less coverage. We are able to do this because we will work closely and collaboratively with our policyholders to identify and mitigate elevated risk factors. When losses are prevented, everyone wins — we can afford to charge less, because there are less losses on the poultry farm. Last but not least, ARU makes the entire insurance process faster and more efficient than ever before, with all electronic policy delivery and billing.

Our value proposition for BROKERS is equally enticing:

Contract poultry growers have long been underserved by retail insurance providers, and this niche represents a tremendous opportunity to grow a book of business. With the ARU product, you will enter battle against your competitors wielding a machine gun, while they are still using bows and arrows. ARU will make you look good at every turn: the world’s best coverage available to contract poultry growers, easy and efficient direct bill plans, instant electronic policy issuance, collaborative loss control program to reduce losses on insured farms, and a highly specialized claims unit WHO KNOWS POULTRY inside and out. And let’s face it, anyone can sell an insurance policy – but those of us that got into this business to do it the right way need to make sure we can stand behind the products we offer to customers. ARU’s poultry program is backed by an AMERICAN insurance company. If you and/or your customers are tired of waiting 60-90 days for claims approvals to come from London… look no further — you have found the solution.